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Jooba Construction & roads company

Jooba since the company was founded forty-four years on 11/10/1973 P by Contracting License No. literalness (1294/234) the Municipality of Sirte, on behalf of the company’s founder.

The company creates and design of civil works within the Municipality of Sirte, to create and paving of roads, airports, transport, assist in the provision of services to international companies in the Oil & construction.

In 1986, P dubbed participatory Jooba Contracting and continued implementation of the previous work and some other construction business and continued to engage in participatory work until 1998.

After this date, the name of Jooba Construction Company and roads under the decision of the Minister for Economy and Trade No. (1160) dated 1997.07.11 P and modify the decision to establish the company in accordance with law No. (21) for the year 1995 the decision to establish No. (17) for the year 2005 the municipality of Sirte.

Where it has several years of experience in the implementation and paving and paving roads,

The company was set up several branches and several of the sites and the creation and installation of mixers, workshops, administrative and residential headquarters of the of the company in several cities in Libya where the company in those cities to provide services of the following,

Asphalt concrete production ‘concrete cement, gravel, soil basis, construction of roads, bridges and bridge networks, the establishment and maintenance of airports, infrastructure works,, etc.

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