Construction works

  • Preparation of studies and designs of engineering consultancy
  • Preparing studies, engineering designs and technical consultations for infrastructure projects, roads, airports and bridges.
road-perspective (1)
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Construction and maintenance of roads, airports and bridges.
  • Road painting
  • Road painting of all kinds cold and hot.
traffic-cone (1)
  • Installation of traffic signs and boards
  • Installation of traffic signs and guidance boards of roads.
pipes (1)
  • Infrastructure works
  • Infrastructure, water and sewage networks, electricity networks, lighting, telephone and communications networks, domestic gas networks and treatment plants.
  • gas and oil pipeline networks
  • Implementation and extension of gas and oil pipeline networks.

Manufacturing and processing of materials and providing services

road-perspective (1)
  • Production and supply of asphalt
  • Production and supply all kinds of asphalt
  • Asphaltic concrete
  • Asphalt concrete in all types of designs for asphalt mixtures, cold asphalt, asphalt concrete, bituminous bituminous 60/70 Bitumen sprayed with both MCO & RC2.
concrete-mixer (1)
  • Manufacturing and processing of concrete molds
  • Production and supply of concrete and steel cement, manufacturing and processing of molds, inspection rooms, distribution rooms and concrete washing rooms for roads, sewage networks, water, electricity, telephone and gas
  • provide gravel and soil
  • Production and provide all kinds of gravel and soil to establish.
factory (1)
  • Provide, installation and operation
  • The company is working to provide the installation and operation of asphalt plants, and the installation and operation of quarries and quarries for major projects giant in support of major international companies in the strategic projects of energy, water and oil.
delivery-truck-silhouette (1)
  • Transport, handling and processing
  • Transportation, handling and processing works
  • Desert transport and the provision of equipment and machinery
  • Desert transport of companies and oil fields, leasing and providing all equipment, machinery and cranes, regular and desert companies in the oil fields, processing desert camps for companies, opening tracks and the transfer of gas and oil pipelines to the tracks of production lines.

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